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“Jennifer Tefft is one of the great undiscovered secrets around Boston. She has a belter’s voice, a theatrical flair, a knack for melody, and a hard-driving spirit that infuses her original material as well as her offbeat covers " — Boston Globe 

“Jennifer is the New England Music Awards reigning Female Performer of the Year and you’ll see why with this song. An epic, sweeping ballad of sorts with influences firmly rooted in Americana, Pop and Alternative. The song feels practically stadium-ready and features a powerhouse performance from Jennifer." — Graeme WXRV 92.5 The River 

“Her earnest lyrics are delivered with both power and grace. Where some singers are compared to wine or whiskey, Jennifer’s voice is like a deep cordial that needs to be savored sip by sip. Her style has an edge that has not gone dull over the years ad her newest songs, especially after the pandemic, are stand-outs in the Boston music scene. " — Cat Wilson- Cheap Seats / Ocean 104.7fm 

“There is nothing more exciting than a kick ass rock band fronted by a rowdy and sexy female vocal- ist!... Tefft and her energized band are like a rock and roll steamroller. They come at you in waves of dynamic force, with a hammering rhythm section and exceptional lead guitar...Keep your eyes on this shooting star!” — 

"Boston’s Jennifer Tefft proves herself a powerful force with new song" — 

“A true story teller, Jenn does it again with a glimpse into the ups and downs of life but with the backdrop of looking forward and staying positive. A wonderfully orchestrated song with great hooks and her hauntingly beautiful vocals. Love at first listen." — Adam Signore Mark Skin Radio 

“Jennifer Tefft is rare type of singer who can go from sublime to a roar and never lose the song. Better Days , her new single, features poignant lyrics, powerful vocals and lyrical depth that stands out in this time of processed pop. Great song!!" — Art Fredette Radioradiox 

Hailing from Boston, US the recently named “Performer Of The Year” in New England Music Awards ‘Jennifer Tefft’ releases a new single off of her forthcoming 6th album titled “Love And War” with a rocking enthusiastic sound.  ‘Love And War’ begins with a rocking guitar riff accompanied by some groovy drumming and vocal warm-up that assesses the rocking vocal by Jennifer that engulfs the track with her sharp yet smooth vocal notes.  John Parrillo is inspirational on the guitar with his riffs and picking throughout the track that add sharpness to the track and flame the vibe combiningg the heat of both love and war altogether in once place .- Rock Era Magazine

“Boston-based songwriter and alt-rocker Jennifer Tefft shares a powerful new song + video. “Better Days” is a hopeful anthem that aims to cut through the noise...With an affinity for the darker side of alternative rock, “Better Days” juxtaposes the hopeful message with ominous undertones showing that there are always two sides to life, the dark, and the light. It’s a fitting message for the start of 2021." — Tommy Johnson, GhettoBlaster  

“If there ever was a future Goddess of rock, Jennifer Tefft is just the person to fill those enormous shoes. I haven't heard a rock sound from a female that stuck in my head like this music is so long. Jennifer has a great vocal style that pulls the listener in and controls them with her beautiful tones and vibratos. This is music that I would love to hear a lot more of. Music with a mature appeal and a slight raw rock power to it. If there is one name that you remember, Jennifer Tefft should be the one. Mark my words, this is THE Rock Goddess of the future. Here she is in all of her future glory.” — Michael Allison,  

“Whoever said girls can’t rock? Jennifer takes it more seriously than some. She’s not after the headbangers, she’s not looking for a hard edge you could cut yourself on, she’s just a cat crawling between electric guitars using her whiskers to avoid the that Meredith Brooks is out of the running, we could all use a better bitch to prod and squeeze and look up to!” —  

“This band is based in the Boston, Massachusetts area...this is how rock was meant to be played. Jennifer's clean, passionate and at times soaring vocals backed up by her band comprised of solid musicians is definitely a great listen.” —

The composition feels relatable, yet demonstrates ingenuity with a stunning and meditative instrumental section which allows us to absorb the message of the song before an anthemic final reprise, which will have you singing along with Jennifer Tefft‘s magnetic hooks. -KIMU Blog

Her sound could be compared to classic female singers like Blondie, with an attitude like Joan Jett. Sensible yet feisty, this woman packs a punch and is also accompanied by an amazing band....Huge toms, searing guitar work, a killer groove, and impactful vocals is what define this track, and it truly is one hell of a banger. - Less Than 1000 Followers Blog