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That moment of creation, when an idea becomes more than just a shadow in your brain — that moment, and every moment afterwards when people get to enjoy it — that’s why I write songs.” - Jennifer Tefft

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“Caffeine,” a propulsive alt-rock track that wouldn’t sound out of place on MTV’s “Buzz Bin” in the mid-’90s. It’s a lush and magnetic song  full of enchanting energy, unfolding like a journey through a kaleidoscopic labyrinth without losing its soulful edge. And it’s already become a live favorite – something the band suspected might happen as soon as it first came together. 

“‘Caffeine’ just felt like an end-of-the-night song from the start,” says Tefft. “So it is an invitation to the people at a show to come back, because we want to see your face again. We appreciate that exchange of energy from stage to audience – it feels so much like a caffeine buzz, that we will keep that energy alive until we meet again to do it all over again.” 

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