You know how sometimes you see a performer and have no idea how they're not one of the most popular artists around? How some artists have this innate charisma, a sound that's the perfect mix of mainstream and original, and have a collection of killer sounds that you have no idea how they're not playing in front of thousands of adoring fans every night? That's what it was like seeing Jennifer Tefft & The Strange. Tefft is one of the most captivating performers in Boston, and I simply couldn't not focus on her for her band's entire set.” - Ken Sears

If It's Too Loud

New England Music Awards 2021 Female Performer of the Year, Jennifer Tefft is a known entity around the Metro Boston music scene who performs alone and with her terrific band, The Strange. She's a powerhouse singer and extremely good songwriter with incredible stage presence and an innate ability to captivate an audience.” - William Hurley

William Hurley, The Fallout Shelter

Jennifer Tefft is one of the great undiscovered secrets around Boston. She has a belter’s voice, a theatrical flair, a knack for melody, and a hard-driving spirit that infuses her original material as well as her offbeat covers ” - Steve Morse

— The Boston Globe


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Photo: John Parrillo Photo

Photo: John Parrillo Photo