Cutting For Stone - CD

JTB's 5th CD, their first in 10 years delivers 8 emotionally intense tracks of gritty-lush alternative rock!

Time Is A Thief - CD

Time Is A Thief

by Jennifer Tefft

2007 Modern, alternative rock with rich textures, stellar vocals and insightful songwriting

Shift - CD


by Jennifer Tefft

2001 Powerful, melodic, alternative rock with sensual whisper-to-a-scream vocals

Dig This Thing - CD

by Jennifer Tefft

"Swirling, powerful vocals. A haunting soundtrack. 

Flowing freely from in-your-face to ethereal, these are songs that you just can't get out of your head. Liquid tunes with a wonderful, moody ambiance." - (Northeast Performer). 

15oz JTB Travel Mug - Stainless Steel, Black

Who doesn't love a good travel mug!  Grab yours and enjoy a vanilla chai tea latte with Jenn (not included) And you can drink whatever you want, that's just what Jenn drinks...try yummy.