Time Is A Thief

by Jennifer Tefft

Released 2007
Gypsy Spin Music
Released 2007
Gypsy Spin Music
2007 Modern, alternative rock with rich textures, stellar vocals and insightful songwriting
Six years after her last release and over three years since leaving the stage, Jennifer Tefft returns with a long awaited new CD, “TIME IS A THIEF” on her own Gypsy Spin Music label. Recorded while pregnant with her second child, Time is a Thief is a meaty collection of modern rock songs that combine rich
textures, stellar vocals and insightful songwriting. Intensely personal, these songs began as observations about friends and acquaintances, but over the course of the writing process, Tefft realized they could just as easily be introspective self studies. Two of the tracks “Uncomfortable” and “Soliloquy” have already been licensed and used by for shows on ABC-TV

Previous Releases
Released to College Radio in February ‘01, "SHIFT" spent 7 weeks on the CMJ top 200! “SHIFT” was also named ALTERNATIVE ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2002 by Just Plain Folks at their awards ceremony in Hollywood. All eleven songs were licensed by MTV for use on their show "Undressed and songs from all three of Tefft's cds have been heard on National TV shows. The song "Control Freak" has been included on the Ladyfest Compilation released by 28 Days Records. To support this airplay and exposure, JTB toured extensively, playing with such acts as Quiet Riot, Warrant, Ours, Grant Hart, The Sheila Divine, Missing Persons, the Bogmen and yes, even the Monkees!

Tefft's debut CD "Dig This Thing" was released in October of ‘97 to enthusiastic response and critical acclaim, including a BOSTON MUSIC AWARD nomination, a showcase with AEROSMITH and a spot in the finals of both the Lilith Fair Showcase and the Discmakers Independent Music World Series.

The follow up to this debut was a collaborative effort between members of the band entitled "BSidesTo Nothing." The result is an eclectic collection of moody, groove-oriented-trip-rock tunes.The album was well received at college radio, spinning on over 200 stations nationwide, charting top 30 on many of them. "B-Sides" also racked up some great reviews in newspapers and magazines across the Northeast including The Noise in Boston..."This is an album that pleases, fulfills and perfects the alternative genre it finds itself in, yet goes on to completely transcend and take the whole idea to a new level." The song "Crooked" was released on the Good Citizen Radio Hour Volume 2 compilation and has been licensed by both MTV and ABC-TV. This CD also garnered Tefft a “Boston’s Best Unsigned Band” nod from Ken Capobianco and the TAB newspapers.

Now, following a 3 year hiatus from the stage, Tefft returns with long-time guitarist and songwriting partners John Parrillo and bassist Jeff St.Pierre and drummer Phil Antoniades. At every performance, Tefft becomes part of the musical expression, constantly in trance-like motion. The intensity and the energy of the live show often takes people by surprise and when people leave
a JTB show, they are already making plans to come back!