by Jennifer Tefft

Released 2012
Gypsy Spin Music
Released 2012
Gypsy Spin Music
"She never went away, but Jennifer Tefft is BACK. Her new single Breathe is a magnificent lilt, soaring and open as the plains. Gentle washes of keys support tremolo guitars and splashes of Rhodes, while the voice is front and center. Tefft has magnificent control over that voice, going from naked and vulnerable on the verses to definitive and cathartic on the choruses. It's a total package, and a joy to unwrap again after the silence of motherhood and "maturity." Let's call it a comeback."
-Brian Westbye (

Jennifer Tefft is a musician, songwriter and performer living in the Boston area. She currently has four CDs which have all been released on her own independent label Gypsy Spin Music.

Jennifer’s work has been and continues to be played on national TV shows such as Dawson’s Creek, MTV, One LIfe To Live, All My Children, The Young and the Restless, Stargate Unvierse and many others.

Jennifer is a fired-up, energizing presence pulling earthy music from its roots and breathing fresh, soulful rock and roll life into them. Kickin’ rock songs, haunting vocals that easily wind from ethereal to aggressive and insightful lyrics.