What do we do now?

What do we do now? Asks my 10 year old little girl and my 13 year old adolescent, who have been very engaged in this whole election process.

What do we do now when America has voted for hate, fear mongering, bigotry,racism, sexism, egomania and incompetence? 

What do we do now when we will say goodbye to progress on halting climate change, to any hope of continuing the steps forward that were taken 8 years ago when we elected our first minority president.

What do we do now when we see the opportunity to empower our girls by electing a president, who is not only female, but  smart, tough and extremely qualified for the job, snatched away by a blustering bully who is proud of assaulting women, not paying taxes and pandering to the worst elements in american society.

What do we do now when all the ugliness that has been quietly festering now suddenly has a very loud voice?

More than ever it is imperative as an individual to practice kindness, tolerance of diversity in race, religion, sexual orientation & gender identification.  It is imperative that we let our kids know that this is not who we are.  We don't close our doors to refugees who have suffered more than we will ever understand, we don't build walls to keep out the rest of the world. We can't base our choices on fear.

So what do i tell my kids? I tell them that they need work hard to be the best people they can be. They need to be kind, work hard, stay informed, reach out to others who are different so they will better understand other's views. They need to ask questions, demand answers, fight for what is important to them. They need to practice love and tolerance. They need to be our hope that someday we, as Americans will make better choices.