To my Friend Andrea

Childhood friends burn a special place in your heart. Friendships are formed quickly and the bonds remain strong even as life, time and distance stretch them.  

When I think of my childhood, some of my fondest memories feature you  I couldn't wait for the Smith sisters to arrive in NH every summer.  Hours spent chatting, joking and goofing around on the the Brookhurst dock, nights and rainy days spent on the porch, eating corn on the cob and playing cards.  Trips to Dairy Maid and Robbins General store, trying desperately to keep up with the older kids who tried desperately to lose us.  It was a gift each summer when you and Jodi arrived, my own friends, my own age, our own secrets and inside jokes and our own adventures.  Andrea, you probably didn't realize it, but you were one of those girls you felt lucky to be friends with - incredibly cool and confident, quick witted and funny, with a heart of pure gold.

Years had passed since we'd seen each other, but we chatted regularly through facebook and when I got cancer, it was you who got me in to see the head surgeon at Dana Farber and it was you who could empathize with all the discomforts and indignities that accompany such an ordeal.

I am forever grateful that we were able to spend a few hours together last month, laughing over old memories. I didn't know time was going to be so short. 

Andrea, you were a woman of incredible strength, grace, dignity, intelligence and humor.  You will always live in my heart and mind as that carefree girl who made my summers golden.  <3