Confessions of a Tortured Songwriter

Confessions of a tortured songwriter!

I love writing, I mean I hate writing, I mean I love it. Depends on the day, the hour. the minute. Yesterday I spent almost the entire day working on one song. Blank page to......blank page. Well not exactly blank. I've got about 5 different versions of the damn song none of which seem to be any good.

The problem with writing alone is that you are your own cheerleader and your own worst critic. Most times the critic wins.

During the course of the day I hit the euphoria stage. I'm convinced I'm brilliant and this song is going to blow not only my mind but everyone else's. Then I think, well that part doesn't sound right...and maybe I should add a piano part. Well maybe not a piano, how about a harpsichord...or a gong! Yes you can see how this goes.

Writing and recording in the age of technology is a little like shopping in a huge department store. The options are endless and the more options I am presented with, the more likely I am to walk out of the store with nothing more than a pair of socks - that I don't even like. Hence, the blank page.

Back to basics, grab my guitar and sit on the couch...maybe a flash of brilliance will strike! Or a nap, yes a nap might be good.